Speaking Engagements

Kindness Is A Choice: Kindness Doesn’t Cost a Thing

Quis brings his educational background, extensive coaching experience and unique perspective having performed plenty of random acts of kindness over four decades to inspire and motivate your audience or employees.

This presentation helps your leaders improve communication, boost teamwork, promote interpersonal interaction and customer experience through engagement in acts of kindness, authenticity, and vulnerability. 

If you are in need of a cultural reboot, let Quis empower your leaders and teach you about the ROI of kindness!

The Power Of Yet

The audience will:

  • Identify specific ways to improve customer service through intentional engagement in acts of kindness and authenticity.

  • Discover how to use mindfulness to elevate kindness in the workplace to help improve listening skills both personally and professionally.

  • Formulate tools for their own obstacles. Quis always gets to the heart of what’s important to human beings. Belonging, connection, and authenticity. If you are looking for an inspirational speaker to connect with people at a deep level this is the program to choose.

Why Can’t You Be First

This program is perfect for schools looking to promote kindness, peacebuilding, and love within their school. Richard Quisenberry’s Kindness programs help schools implement a culture of kindness through an interactive day-long event.

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