Kindness Programs

The Wobbly Willie Program focuses on students in K-8 schools, and it also focuses on the faculty and administrators who support and lead students through their education. When we do not include adults on school campuses, we miss out on a tremendous opportunity for increased self-awareness and personal and professional growth. By acknowledging that “we’re all in this together” and that all of us can improve our kindness skills, we allow the vulnerability that makes us relatable role models for students.

The Wobbly Willie Program is an innovative school-based program that strives to educate students, families, faculty, and staff about the benefits of kindness, and then empowers them to create a culture of kindness in their school and beyond.


Meet Wobbly Willie | Mascot Services

Book Wobbly Willie to come out and excite students and explore all the ways we can implement evidence-based practices of intentional kindness as a powerful skill in daily life. During the visit, you will be able to invite Wobbly into the classroom to check on kids and staff. You will learn about the science that helps us understand the nature of our mental experience, including why it is sometimes difficult to be kind. You will also discover that practicing kindness as a skill empowers us to respond rather than react. This informative and inspiring visit will leave you ready to spread kindness amongst everyone!

Kindness Curriculums


Recent research explains that kindness benefits our physical and mental health and that recognizing kindness in others increases a person’s happiness and satisfaction. But just as learning to tie your shoes takes time, learned skills, and practice…learning to be kind includes the same process.  By focusing on kindness and being intentional in our personal interactions, we can improve our ability to connect. The mission of Wobbly Willie is to inspire individuals and communities to engage in kindness education and practice.

Lessons for Wobbly Willie Cranford are teacher friendly and effortless! We provide an aligned curriculum which includes grade leveled lesson plans aligned with the state of Ohio Learning Standards. Each learning packet includes: grade level standards, list of materials, objectives and activities.

The curriculum for Wobbly Willie is integrated in reading, language arts, writing, speaking/listening and math for grades kindergarten through 3rd grade.

Suggested activities are supported with Bloom’s Taxonomy and touching each multiple intelligence (Howard Gardner) to address the needs of all learners.


Speaking Engagements

Richard Quisenberry, Wobbly Willie’s Founder, will lead “Kindness Doesn’t Cost a Thing”, an in-depth discussion of the challenges and opportunities we encounter in every interaction as we strive to create a kinder community. During this presentation, Quis will reflect on his own personal experiences with kindness in the face of devastating challenges, as well as his work with creating The Wobbly Willie Project and how the power of kindness can transform people and communities. He will discuss the emerging body of research on the science of kindness. Presentations are appropriate for a variety of settings – educational, corporate, non-profit, etc. – and can focus on change, leadership, grief or self-kindness.

Kindness Doesn’t Cost a Thing

Quis brings his educational background, extensive coaching experience and unique perspective having performed plenty of random acts of kindness over four decades to inspire and motivate your audience or employees.

This presentation helps your leaders improve communication, boost teamwork, promote interpersonal interaction and customer experience through engagement in acts of kindness, authenticity, and vulnerability.

If you are in need of a cultural reboot, let Quis empower your leaders and teach you about the ROI of kindness!

The Power Of Yet

The audience will:

  • Identify specific ways to improve customer service through intentional engagement in acts of kindness and authenticity.

  • Discover how to use mindfulness to elevate kindness in the workplace to help improve listening skills both personally and professionally.

  • Formulate tools for their own obstacles. Quis always gets to the heart of what’s important to human beings. Belonging, connection, and authenticity. If you are looking for an inspirational speaker to connect with people at a deep level this is the program to choose.

Why Can’t You Be First

This program is perfect for schools looking to promote kindness, peacebuilding, and love within their school. Richard Quisenberry’s Kindness programs help schools implement a culture of kindness through an interactive day-long event.

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